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Helen is a Angel Spiritual Medium and is an ambassador between the Spirit world and day to day world, who channels insight, messages & wisdom for the Divine, the ministry of angels, masters & guides, using high energy Angel Cards, together channeling those who have passed on, working closely with Archangel Michael. She finds helping others is a very humbling experience and is very grateful for the gift of communicating with the Spirit World so that she can comfort others.

The messages that come through in a session with Helen are profoundly healing and enlightening on your journey of life here on earth. Encouraging you to live a life of clarity, love, peace & joy. Helen is also a healing Practitioner & Shaman and offers weekly Meditation class & workshops.

 Helen’s Angel Card Readings
Receive channeled messages from your angels giving you guidance, answers to your questions.  

60 Min Reading (Channeled)       $100.00 

Spiritual Healing & Reading       $160.00
(1.5 - 2 hours approx)

A Clairsentient Medium I will bring forth peace of mind and to remind you that you are never alone. I am an Angel Intuitive trained with Doreen Virtue, on the Gold Coast, and received Advanced Training on the big Island of Hawaii (Kona) 2008. I now also work with the energy of the Ascended Masters in particular Jesus and Mother Mary and Lord Ashtar working with Masters of Light and bringing awareness to other planetary dimensions.  Raising your Christ consciousness awareness.  Creating great peace on your path of enlightenment.   

Angel Card and Channeled readings available for appointment through the week, and sometimes evenings & Saturday mornings.

 An Atlantean Healing Session using all blended modalties.

Come and experience a beautiful, magical healing session :-

60 min Atlantean Healing        $100.00

Spiritual Healing & Reading   $160.00
(1.5 - 2 hours approx)

The Healing session – consists of; using various modalities: Ancient healing art of Reiki, meditation with beautiful music, aromatherapy oils and candles. The invocation of the Ministry of Angels and Masters of the light together with the high vibration of crystals & dolphin energy raising your frequency.

The earthly sound of the Native American drum, feather smudging, rain stick, rattle, Tibetan bells, transmuting negativity, bringing your chakras into balance, working on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, cutting cords, and lifting your vibration, raising your consciousness and much more…

Each session is unique, as I am a channel & medium working together with Divine Spirit for this truly magical session.

You will feel so amazing after this healing session, you will be on a higher frequency & vibration bringing forth true light and inner peace.

 Reiki – The Ancient healing art of Reiki
Would you like to become a healer ?

Reiki - Both Usui & Tibetan Energies (Usui Shiki Ryoho)

With the new vibration with us now, these attunement/workshops are available in 1 full day.  These attunements will also connect you to the Chakra systems and aura, working with the emotional, Physical and Spiritual bodies and connecting to the Angelic Kingdom consciousness, and Masters Energy & vibrations.

Reiki 1                  $250.00
Reiki 2                  $285.00

Reiki Master         $380.00        including DVD/Manuals and kits

Workshop includes manual, Lunch, Tea/coffee- meditation & hands on healing instruction, theory and practical. Certificate on completion. Angel Consciousness. These Reiki workshops are carried out at Secret Harbour Atlantis Angels Wellness Centre.  

Being Attuned to Reiki, will open and enhance the third eye, increasing your clairvoyance, opening many new doors for you.

Reiki 1.....Minimum of 2 months before attuning to - Reiki 2 and a minimum of   12 months experience before  becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher.

 Helen Briggs; Reiki Master/Teacher 2005 - Excellent Lineage.


Thursday evening - see Facebook for up to date details of venue

A different medicine is introduced each week, working with the Angels and Masters of the light, the Shamans and Cosmic Beings.   Around the Full moon we have a sound healing session... this class is about bringing peace to your inner being...letting go of anything that is less than love.

$15.00 per class   BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL

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Come and experience a beautiful, magical healing session using many blended ancient modalities, including Reiki, Angel & Master therapy with messages, crystal kingdom energies, balancing your chakras, meridians, working on the physical, emotional & spiritual bodies, cutting cords, & lifting your vibration, raising your consciousness into the fifth dimension, bringing you vitality, joy, love, peace & tranquility .

Please call to make your appointment @ Secret Harbour

Value $100.00: 1 Hour     or       
Longer sessions $160.00 - 1.5 to 2 hours approx.
includes channeled reading and spiritual healing