Spiritual Journeys

SantoriniSpiritual Journeys
Earthly Physical Travel 

In 2010 we travelled to the UK St Michaels Tor, and The Chalice Well in Glastonbury, We indulged in Santorini, and cruised to Crete and connected with the Energies of Atlantis. Working with Pallas Athena, Mother Mary, Serapis Bey, Archangel Michael and Lord Ashtar and Master Hilarion.

 Thank you Great Spirit  for a wonderful spiritual journey on so many levels at these beautiful places and Islands.

11.11.11 - my Wedding took place in Bali the  beautiful island of the Gods. The most magical energy and Love, laughter and fun...treasured memories forever.

Atlantis in the Etheric Retreat
During Meditation or Sleep State

You can ask to be taken to wonderful Spiritual retreats in your sleep state, asking for healing, knowledge and wisdom. The Atlantis etheric retreat is one of many retreats. Receive spiritual healing while you sleep, its fantastic!!!

Invoke your angels & guides to take you while you sleep or meditate at beautiful etheric retreats which are over the island of Crete in Greece, connecting with Pallas Athena and Master Hilarion.

Sweet Dreams ... and God Bless us all...