Chakras & Healing with Crystals

Crown Chakra
For connecting to the Great Divine Universe – Spirituality.    Use the crystal Amethyst to help clear blockages. 

Bring in the purple energy, ask Saint Germain to transmute negative energy and limited thought beliefs from this chakra, during your healing session or meditation and/or sleep state.

Third eye
Spiritual Insight, clarity – Clairvoyance- seeing things with a different perspective.

Use amethyst, sodalite or clear quartz, to lift any veils from the third eye, enhancing your spiritual insight.  Invoke Archangel Raziel, to remove any blockages. Also invoke the magical energy of the unicorn, to ignite clairvoyance, and to encourage positive thinking.

Throat Chakra
Communication – Speaking your truth with love.  Be assertive, stand in your power.  Have worthiness.   Using any crystal that is the colour blue, like blue lace, or topaz or sodalite.  Invoke Archangel Michael, and his sword of white light, to remove any blockages.  Encouraging walking the talk, calmness and peace.

Heart Chakra
Feminine and masculine, Freeing your heart of any past hurts, and opening your heart to love.

Using Rose Quartz to promote self love, and invoke love into your life.   And Malachite or adventurine or Jade to heal a hurting heart.

Invoke Quan Yin, for she represents Love and compassion and invoke the presence of Archangel Raphael and Master Hilarion, for their Emerald green energy of healing of the heart and thought.

Solar Plexus
Your emotional centre – free yourself of any emotional attachments. Using Archangel Micheal for cutting cords to situations or drama.

Using the Crystal Mookite and calcite or clear quartz.

Bringing you joy and happiness and sunshine, like the colour yellow, and invoking the presence of Happy Buddha. 

Sacral Chakra
Gut feelings, intuition – detachment from worry.  Using the crystal Citrine, and orange calcite, for placement on this chakra.  Invoking the presence of Indian God of Ganesh.. for the removal of obstacles, and the elimination of worry. 
Base Chakra
Financial Security – Protection- Grounding. Remove Fear.  Using the crystal of Red Jasper, Hematite, and othe earthly coloured crystals to encourage grounding.   Archangel Micheal for removing attachments of fear & situations holding you back..and invoking the presence of Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of abundance. 

All emotional upsets that occur in our aura system if not cleared, can manifest physically…so keeping our chakras balanced and cleansed is vitally important.

There are 7 notes in music, 7 major planets in astrology, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 traditional vowels (alpha to omega), 7 metals of the alchemical process (base lead to pure gold) and 7 crystal systems - hexagonal, rhombohedral, triclinic, monoclinic, orthorhombic, tetragonal and cubic. 

The seven colours of the rainbow correspond exactly and in order with our chakra system. The same patterns can be seen in the ratios of music, geometry, nature and the proportions of the human body. They are the blueprints for the structure and nature of this world and have been the subject of investigation by mystics, yogis, seers and shamans many moons ago.

Chakras are subtle, dynamic energy vortexes. Chakra crystal grids can heal, balance and energize our Aura body. The human body has 7 major energy centres, or chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel or disc, indicating both the shape and dynamic nature of these subtle vortexes.

Tibetan Chakra Picture

Seventh/Crown: white , violet - Amethyst
Sixth/Third Eye:
indigo /dark blue - Blue Tigers Eye or sodalite

Fifth/Throat: light blue - Blue Lace Agate

Fourth/Heart: green , pink - Rose Quartz or Aventurine and many others
Third/Solar Plexus:
yellow – Citrine or mookite.
orange - Carnelian or citrine
red , black – red jasper or Smokey Quartz

Simply be guided….clear quartz is great for everything.

Chakra ChartPhysical organs and maladies in the area of a chakra can be treated with stones of the colour relating to that chakra. It is not surprising that our subtle energy centres are especially connected to the organs in their location. An example of this would be using green stones like chlorite or peridot to treat heart or chest conditions, as that organ is influenced by that chakra.

The logic is that as gross matter manifests from subtle energy, so strengthening the chakras in the problem area would be a good start. Another point is that while the organ may be healed conventionally, if an underlying energetic imbalance is not addressed, the condition will probably return. A man may have a heart attack and blood thinners keep him going, but if the causes are not addressed, stress for example, there's a good chance of more heart problems.

Chakra Healing Technique Find a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed for at least 10 -20 minutes. Turn off your mobile and land line. Lie on your back or sit comfortably and breathe deeply and slowly as this relaxes the body and slows all physiological functions. The beautiful tones of meditation music will relax you. Imagine a healing white light entering the body on the in-breath and all stresses and negativity leaving the body on the out-breath. This is not just imagination, energy follows thought. This prepares your body to receive maximum benefit from the vibration of the stones.

Place each stone on its respective chakra. Both the location of the chakra and correct colour are shown on the above chart. You may want to imagine the chakras as glowing spheres of the appropriate colour. As a prelude to meditation or spiritual practice do this upwards, from chakra 1 to 7. For general health or to "set you up" for the day, do the exercise downwards from chakra 7 to 1. This stage is an extra and not essential if you prefer to just relax or even snooze. The colour and energy of the stones will naturally resonate with each chakra, restoring structure, harmony and balance to your entire system. Physiological change of the gross body can take up to 3 months. Regular use for this period will produce optimum results.

Another amplification technique is to place a hand (or hands) over each stone in turn for a few minutes each. Visualize energy in the same colour as the stone, passing through the stone and entering into the body until you can clearly visualize that chakra as a large, glowing sphere of the appropriate colour. Alternatively, use inward pointing quartz crystals around each stone in turn. If you have many quartz points, they can be placed around each chakra stone, otherwise one chakra stone at a time and preferably in conjunction with one of the above visualizations. For physical problems, concentrate on the chakra closest to the problem area – for example, the heart chakra for respiratory ailments. Similarly, concentrate on the chakra that governs qualities you may want to work on or develop - see the keywords below. An example of this would be working with the 3 rd chakra to help clear emotional issues. Have a clear intention and mental “picture” of your desired result.  Remember to briefly cleanse all your crystals in cold running water after each session. Placing them on the earth or a quartz cluster occasionally, preferably in sunlight or full moon will keep their energies strong and pure.