Angels of Atlantis come in many forms…..

The Dolphins, the Mermaids, the Unicorns, the Crystals, the Elementals, the animal kingdom, The Angels & Masters, earthly angels & souls who walk amongst us & other planetary & cosmic beings of love & light.


Archangel Michael & Etheric Cord Cutting

Cutting cords of negativity is vital to maintaining a state of wellness and positive energy.

Etheric cords form when you connect with other people, places, animals, or situations. The cords that are from love remain permanently embedded in your energy system. However, negative attachments, such as when you feel someone or something is "draining" you, can be severed and sealed at the ends to prevent reoccurrence.

In a visual exercise, you can ask Archangel Michael to use his sword to slice through any etheric cords that are not of love and light.


All striving to bring heaven on earth.

Many blessings are here for you now…..



The word Angel comes from Old English ( engel) and ultimately from the Greek word angelos, which means “messenger.” Angels bring messages from the divine mind of our Creator. They are God's gifts of love and light, sent to help us remember who we are and to assist us along our human path. Angels are dedicated to helping people with their lives and are incredibly loving and powerful beings .

Invoke the Angels on your path, they are happy to watch us laugh & cry, it is the universal law they need your permission. For divine intervention for your highest good. When life seems a little challenging. Our guardian Angels, & the Masters, god’s messengers will flock by our side in force. They will come with a cushion of great comfort at a time of need.

They will help with everything starting from something small like finding a car park, to providing that extra bit of energy, when you need it at the right moment. They can you help solve many challenging situations, you obviously cannot control or determine the solution…but they will bring about a great blessing for your highest good.

Trust and have faith.

Calling all Angels……and having the attitude of gratitude.

There are many Angels and Archangels you can call on to help you with certain things. As you become more aware of the Angelic Kingdom , you will connect into their realms and learn the different types of Angels that will come to you.

Archangel Metatron – is significant at this time, in bringing Heaven on Earth, with his Sacred Geometry, and working with this twin Sandalphon. Said to be the king of angels Metatron links humanity and the divine.   Some say he is Enoch turned angel and now is the heavenly scribe both creator and librarian of the Akashic records.

The angel of divine connection and universal harmony.   Metatron is architect of sacred geometry and sits with Shekinah at the top of the kabbalah tree of life.  This has ten gates, known as Sephiroth which work on divine sound and colour vibrations which allow us access to different dimensions.   It follows the divine energy as it flows from the creator to manifest itself in the world and our own journeys back from the materialist world to the divine creator.

Archangel Michael ……stands 9ft tall, with a very large wing span…holding his sword of white light, coming through with beautiful cobalt blue light, giving courage and strength, use his sword to remove any cords of attachment in your aura that is causing you grief, sadness or fear.

Is a true master of the "First Ray" walks softly, speaks his truth, is assertive, not aggressive, and carries the flaming sword of white light delivering power and strength, tempered by love and compassion

Accepting the gift of Lord Michael's sword of Divine will, truth and valor means always using god's word and law to eliminate error and overcome adversity. It will guide and protect you as you move through the shadows of illusion into the eternal light of truth.

Archangel Raphael , is a beautiful healing angel, he comes with a emerald green energy. Archangel Raphael, states before the healing can begin, we also must change how we think! Letting go fear and of old belief systems, not holding onto any past/present traumatic emotions.

Then the healing can fully begin.

My Dolphin Experience

I have always had a fascination with dolphins, and it wasn’t until I was in my thirties, I discovered that the reason is because one of my greatest past incarnations was at the time of Atlantis. Where Dolphins were a big part of that existence.

They could communicate telepathically. Since then, I’ve been blessed to have many exquisite encounters with dolphins in the wild; some of my experiences have been not far from where I live in a place called Palm Beach in Western Australia .

The first time I did this, I chose to do it by myself, this was in 2006 completely engrossing myself in the experience. Interacting and swimming and snorkeling with the dolphins, I recall the ecstatic feelings I had, being able to do this, I had conquered honoring myself and some fears in such a way, but it was also so much more than that. I realized they were working with my higher consciousness and downloading information, and with this entrainment, my experience was totally mind blowing. My second encounter was on the island of Bali , up the top at Lovina Beach .

At a beautiful hotel, where they have healing dolphins for adults & children with disabilities, an autism. Some may think this is a restricted environment…but they play such an important role, in helping heal humanity, & planet earth, I know that this was supposed to be just as it is. I was very lucky to swim with the healing dolphins, their sonic tones, the healing and clearing I received was quite profound.

After that I was guided to swim with them in the wild once again, 2009 locally, a friend’s daughter Ellece was fortunate to mention, a family and friends discounted ticket. I was quick to embark on that invitation, and before I knew there were 3 of us. Anara, Lisa and myself.

Ellece also has a great connection to the Marine Life, due to her many past lives and she knew and understood our spiritual connection and our love for the dolphins. We had the most amazing magical day, the dolphins came so close, but the energy was indescribable, even Ellece stopped and took her snorkel up, and said OMG, I have never experienced that before, that was totally amazing. The dolphins came close and personal, and in particular one dolphin, turned and looked deep into our souls, it gives me goose bumps recalling this magical event.

Picture by Steve Sundram

Some of my other encounters have occurred in the realm of Spirit, during Meditation. The dolphins have taught me, that they are not limited by time, space, or physicality and neither are we.

It’s not always possible for everyone to have the experience of swimming with them, but you can bring Dolphins into your meditation just have an open heart, an open mind, and an adventurous spirit!

Invite the energy and consciousness of the dolphins to flow through you. And watch the magic unfold. They teach you many things, to play, to have fun, to breathe, to let go of fear & surrender.

After all Dolphins are the Angels of Atlantis.