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I am Helen Mary Briggs and welcome to my website! Atlantis Angels. This is also a healing website; you may feel beautiful healing energy as you are present, with great blessings being brought to you!

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Helen has traveled the world, connecting with her guides visiting places sacred places like, Stonehenge and Glastonbury Saint Michael's Tor in England.  Trekked through Nepal in the Himalayas connecting to the Buddha & Hindu Monastries and Temples.  And through various European cities, including ancient Rome to the Greek Islands in the Mediterranean , where she discovered her link with Atlantis.  And to the Hawaiian Islands – connecting with beautiful  Goddess Pele. To the Far East and many times to the beautiful Bali , the island of the gods.  

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Helen is a Master Light worker & Energy Medicine Practitioner she is a certified Angel Intuitive ™ with Advanced Training through Doreen Virtue, in Hawaii . She is an Intuitive Reader and Medium Clairsentient, who works with the Angel & Master realms; she is a Reiki Master/Teacher & Atlantean Crystal Healer. She conducts spiritual development/meditation classes, one on one healing sessions, workshops, retreats and spiritual journeys, Helen will connect you with your Angels, guides & masters to receive the love and healing guidance on issues related to relationships, life purpose, career and those special personal messages you’re Angels and loved ones really want you to know.

We will conquer and help you break through on deep levels to uncover and transform thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors that may be holding you back, for your highest possible good. Through an Angel card reading or healing/crystal energy work, or workshop, the intention is to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted by raising your vibration, and know that you have truly connected with your Angels, Guides & Masters. I am continually guided from these other planetary dimensional realms, to spread the light and increase our connection and consciousness to bring forth Heaven on Earth, to become who you truly are.

I am Mother of two children, who are the most inspiring young adults. I share my life with a wonderful soul, Matthew who supports my path, and we were married on 11.11.11 in a beautiful Wedding in Bali.   We have had previous incarnations, and have been brought together again in this exciting life time. I do feel very blessed. I have experienced miracles and profound changes in my life.

Under the guidance of the Angels & Masters & Great spirit I can now bring forth the opportunity to heal and grow to people every day. We have all experienced different journeys in varying degrees of challenges. Here on the earth it is through these experiences that we can learn to free ourselves of old belief systems, thought patterns and dis-ease that stand in the way of our highest potential. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to move past these challenges that I have experienced and come to a place of understanding and higher consciousness, and to note; “I am still learning.” But it is so much easier now.

I have always had a fascination of what’s out there, in particular so drawn to anything do with Angels and dolphins, and in the last 10 years, I am continually learning & teaching, I so much enjoy working with the Masters of the light, Pallas Athena, Lord Ashtar, Mother Mary, Lakshmi, Kuan Yin to name a few. The world of spirit has taught me the vital virtues of wisdom, faith, courage, forgiveness, unconditional love, patience, trust and surrender.

The profound shifts and changes taking place to the planet and the people is a message that we are evolving to a new Golden Age the fifth dimension and need to let go of our limitation in order to embrace this. The Angels assist us in rising to the occasion in dealing with our path so we may let go of fear and embrace our potential.

Helen’s outlook on life is very positive; she truly is following her life purpose and is very passionate about healing humanity and Mother Earth. A compassionate practitioner in which she is able to channel beautiful beings of light, bringing forth worlds together from other planetary dimensions, that will bring balance into the Earth, Body, Mind & Spirit . Bringing Heaven on Earth as it once was in Golden Atlantis.

With Love peace always and Angel blessings.
Helen & Archangel Michael & Archangel Metatron

This site has been specially designed and blessed with high vibration and protection of beautiful energies from the Angels of Atlantis.